Happiness:The ultimate truth of life

It’s okay to be sad sometimes. it makes you understand the value of being happy. Ya it is true that I’am sad right now and not able to figure out the reason behind my sadness. Rather then sitting in a corner of home I prefer writing something for myself and for the people reading this. My only motive of life is to be the reason for someone’s smile and happiness. Its has been days I’ve not posted anything so i thought of posting related  to happiness in this phase of sadness.

what I observed after joining collage is that you need to be happy without any reason.If you will show them that you are sad or upset they will make fun behind your back. My classmates keep asking me that how do you manage to be happy every time? and I answer them with just a smile on my face ” like this”.  It sounds filmy but one should try to be happy in their tough times.


Somewhere between nowhere

I don’t know what it is! Anxiety? You feel like everything is constantly changing around you and you’re not! People are waving bye to your life and you are still part of them. Who knows what exactly lies between me and my soul. Yes I’m traveling somewhere that place is nowhere. I can actually feel my destination getting out of my hands. The journey is no more a beautiful story. This is the rule of universe. -” change is constant”. But why this universe don’t understand that there are people who are not adaptable to change. I wan be the way I am forever. I don’t wan to get away from my friends,family and people around me. I wish I could relive my good memories again and again just to avoid this bad phase. Life is tough and it’s leads to nowhere !